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FX Hybrid Slug /.22 gr.(.217)/100ct.


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FX Hybrid Slug

We are excited to introduce the new FX Hybrid .22 caliber Slugs from FX Airguns! We have been lucky enough to test these slugs for a few months now and have been blown away with the performance. Though these slugs have been developed to specifically work in FX barrels, they also have shot well in other brand guns and barrel types.

The unique Hybrid design allows the slug to remain lightweight, but not sacrifice any bearing surface or height. This design also has the benefit of a very deep hollow point. We have tested these slugs into ballistics gel, dense clay and hunting live game with great expansion and accuracy. Testing is still being done in different guns, barrel lengths, liners, and velocity.  


*We have tested out of the FX Crown, FX Dreamline, FX Impact, RAW HM1000X & Taipan Veteran Standard with good results. 

*There are many, many variables when it comes to shooting/tuning for slugs. FX cannot give any accuracy/performance guarantees. 

*Slugs will carry energy and distance much further than pellets. PLEASE exercise extreme caution and safety practices when shooting these type of projectiles. Always know your backdrop as these slugs can travel well up to 1 mile or further. 

*Additional calibers & weights will be coming out in the next 3-9 months.