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FX Impact Moderator Connecting Section


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The FX Stackable Moderators are just another example of innovation, forward thinking, and customization that FX Airguns considers constantly for the shooter. This simple but effective design is the Lego?s of sound moderation. Need more sound reduction? Simply add a moderator section kit (or just increase the volume of the moderator by adding middle sections to your existing moderator sections). And don't scoff that there are no K baffles or other common firearm designed internals to these sections. Since you're firing an airgun there is no hot air to cool, so no need for those designs. All you need is volume of space to capture the air. Effective and simple!

Note: These are for the non-telescoping Impact air rifles only, or FX Impact Standard as it is also called. These cannot be attached to the telescoping Impact barrel.

FX Impact Stackable Moderator Features
  • End Piece (not to be confused with the connecting piece that attaches to the barrel)
  • Made out of aluminum
  • Fits FX Impact (Standard - not telescoping Impact barrel)
  • Does not fit FX FX Bobcat, Indy & Verminator Air Rifles