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FX Impact Smooth Twist X 700mm Barrel Kit Mod Not Included


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With the FX 700mm Smooth Twist X barrel, comes an exciting upgrade from the standard X Barrel. It is 100mm longer and provides higher accuracy due to its more efficient air consumption and stabilizing power imparted by the length of the barrel (available in both .25 and .30 caliber).
The 700mm barrel can also be utilized to extract more power from the Impact for those using it in a hunting application.
You can expect to gain up to 10% more muzzle energy from the barrel when tuned properly over the shorter standard 600mm X barrel.
Much like the standard FX Smooth Twist X Barrel, the 700mm barrel is housed in the FX Interchangeable liner system which allows additional barrel liners of varying twist rates and other specifications to be exchanged for different projectiles.

For those who wants to experience more power from their FX Impact or who are looking for an extra edge in their competitive shooting, we highly recommend the upgrade to the unrivaled FX 700mm Smooth Twist X Barrel

  • 700mm FX Smooth Twist X Barrel and FX Interchangeable Barrel system available for FX Impact
  • Barrel works on all FX Impact generations
  • Longer length can be tuned to gain greater accuracy through more efficient air use and less air turbulence
  • Longer length can also be turned to gain more power. Upwards of 10% more muzzle energy compared to the
    standard FX Smooth Twist X Barrel.